Quranic Arabic

Understanding Quranic Arabic

Course Overview: This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Quranic Arabic, enabling students to read, recite, and comprehend the Quran with proficiency. It focuses on the linguistic aspects of the Quran, covering grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to enhance comprehension and recitation.

Fundamentals of Quranic Arabic

Subtopics: 1.1. The Significance of Quranic Arabic 1.2. Arabic Alphabet and Basic Phonetics 1.3. Quranic Script and Recitation (Tajweed) 1.4. Structure of Quranic Verses and Chapters

Grammar and Syntax in the Quran

Subtopics: 2.1. Nouns (Ism) and Verbs (Fi’l) in Quranic Arabic 2.2. Cases (Nominative, Accusative, Genitive) 2.3. Verb Conjugation and Tenses in the Quran 2.4. Sentence Structures and Word Order 2.5. Pronouns, Demonstratives, and Particles in Quranic Arabic

Vocabulary and Exegesis

Subtopics: 3.1. Key Quranic Vocabulary and Root Words 3.2. Word Analysis and Contextual Understanding 3.3. Quranic Diction, Eloquence, and Rhetoric 3.4. Tafsir (Exegesis) and Understanding Quranic Context 3.5. Practical Application: Recitation and Memorization

This Quranic Arabic course structure guides students from the fundamentals of the Arabic script and phonetics to a deep understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and the linguistic aspects of the Quran. The emphasis on practical application and the importance of exegesis ensures that students not only read and recite but also comprehend the Quran in its historical and linguistic context.

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