Tips for parents

Mothers don’t sleep 👂👈

  1. If you wake up in the morning, before you talk to anyone put your hand on your child’s head; even if the child is asleep; and recite: (Ihdina ssiratal mustakim) 41 times. Do this for 7 days with out skipping any day. That child will not be stubborn, even if he has started to be stubborn he will stop and be a good child.
  2. When a child is asleep recite inna anzalnahu (Surah qadr) x1 and spit in between their legs and on their chest, Allah will protect them from adultery and fornication (Zina).
  3. The mother should recite Surah Fatiha x41 after magrib before isha’i, Allah will make her children to be of good character and loving their parents.
  4. If a child is going to sleep, recite “bismillahir rahmanir Rahim” x7 and spit on the front of their head (just above forehead) they will grow up to be intelligent.
  5. You should please send this to everyone you know.

May Allah guide us to the right path. Ameen Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum. Salamun alaikum.

Note: The above is not mentioned in Quran or Hadith. These are basically MUJARRABAAT مجربات (experiments) of pious people (Buzurgaan e Deen) and are allowed.

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