The question that is asked by most of you is why learn Arabic?

When we have a lot of languages to learn as well, why should I learn Arabic?

Importance Of Learning Arabic Language

As we all know that English is the most used language for educational purposes around the world, so why study Arabic?

The reason for studying the Arabic language in the modern world is that it is a source of global communication with a third of the world’s population, who are Arabs. Moreover, Arabic is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world.

This article will help you to know the importance of the Arabic language and the reasons for studying the Arabic language. After reading carefully, you will discover the powerful reasons to start learning Arabic.

Being a Muslim it is necessary to learn Arabic to effectively understand the Quran and Sunnah.

Arabic (العربية – Al- A’rabiyyah) is the top Semitic Language used around the world. There are around 292 Million People in +25 Countries who speak it as their First Language. Also, many other people use it as a second language.

Since the Arabic language has been used by many different countries throughout history, many Arabic dialects have emerged that differ from each other in spelling and vocabulary. Accordingly, if you want to learn Arabic online, you must select the dialect you need to learn among the following three main Arabic dialects:

A- Quranic or Classical Arabic

The first delicacy is the language of the Quran. It originated from Mecca, the place where the Quran was revealed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).  If you want to understand Quran in Arabic, you must focus on learning Arabic language of the Quran.

B- Modern Standard Arabic

This type of delicacy is used on public and official platforms like radio, television, mosques, books, newspapers, and international conferences.

C- Colloquial Arabic Dialects 

The third type of delicacy refers to the Arabic language that is used by Arabs in their daily lives.

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