Quran recitation

Manners of reading & Reciting Quran

In short, these are some of the ethics and etiquette of reading the Great Book of God that must be achieved in order to fulfill the required level of reverence for the Holy Quran and to best understand it.

1) Cleanliness and ablution.
2) Sit in a respectful place and in a respectful manner.
3) Putting the Qur’an on a pillow.
4) Holding the Holy Book with the right hand.
5) Reciting Istia’zah and Bismillah before starting the recitation.
6) Completion of the rules of intonation.
7) reading at a slow pace.
8) Fulfilling all the rights of the Qur’an.
9) Avoid speaking while reciting this Holy Book.
10) Glorifying God Almighty after completing the Qur’an.

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