8 Fantastic Ramadan Activities for Kids

“Ramadan is gifted to you for devotion, purification, and gaining rewards in multiples.”

Ramadan for Kids:

Ramadan activities for kids are the most important part to make kids understand the significance of this month. Wherever the Muslims live in this world, their kids are always curious about what Ramadan is all about, why, and how it is celebrated. Well, we will answer all your questions!

Ramadan holds a ninth place in the Islamic lunar calendar. It is the time when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. It is also the month when the Quran was revealed.

While the person who is fasting is supposed to not eat or drink anything in the meantime. Along with avoiding these things, he should also stay away from all the wrongdoings. Hence, Ramadan is all about controlling your emotions and teaching yourself self-discipline according to the teachings of Islam.

Common Activities Performed During the Month of Ramadan:

Muslims are always busy worshiping the Almighty for the whole month. Some other common activities are:

  • Fasting
  • Sadaqah and Zakat (Charity)
  • Taraweeh prayers.
  • Commemorating Nights.
  • Reading the Quran.
  • Avoiding bad deeds.
  • Staying pious. 

To make Ramadan for kids a learning and enjoyable month you have to keep them busy for 30 days in Ramadan activities.

To make Ramadan for kids a learning and enjoyable month you have to keep them busy for 30 days in Ramadan activities.

8 Fantastic Ramadan Activities for Kids

1. Ramadan Decorations: 

Make something like a wall decoration or little DIYs with your kid in Ramadan and decorate your home with the kid’s creations so that he or she also feels included in Ramadan. To know more fun activities for your toddlers.

2. D-I-Y Prayer Mat:

Ask your kid what colors they want on their mat. Trace a mat on one sheet and cut the decorations for it from another sheet. Make sure to use a sheet that is not slippery. It’s a fun, creative, and learning Ramadan activity for a toddler.

3. Edible Crescent Activity:

All you need is a crescent and star-shaped cutter and food, you and your child can spend hours cutting fruits and vegetables into shapes for iftar. This way the child can also learn about different shapes and can also help cooking which is also a great activity for him or her.

4. Ramadan Calendar:

Make your child a Ramadan calendar and leave a space for good deeds of the day then place a treat for each day. This way the kids will understand the meaning of rewards after doing something good, which is also one of the purposes of Ramadan. Learn more of these craft activities for your kids now!

5. Moon Sighting:

Ramadan begins with a new moon so it will be fun to watch the moon change phases every day. Make it a task for your kid to notice a change every day. They can take pictures or draw how they see the moon and compare them at the end of the month. This can be a fun activity for kids and can also help them maintain focus.

6. Eid Money Envelopes:

Eid money makes everyone excited! It is a culture that is followed by everyone. But we cannot hand the money directly into the hands, we need pretty envelopes for that. So ask your toddler to help you in crafting beautiful envelopes and they will surely have fun.

7. Ramadan Wishing Cards:

Handmade cards are the best gifts, especially made by a toddler. All the supplies you need are; colored pencils, a piece of paper and decorative material. Then leave your kid for this Ramadan activity with their own creativity. Ask him or her to make as many cards as they like and then give them to their friends wishing ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

8. Eid DIYs:

Eid and its decorations are the most awaited in the last days of Ramadan. You and your kids can take part in crafting and DIYs to make decoration for Eid and Ramadan. For example you can make wall decorations, creative table cloths or accessories.

Alhamd Arabic institute also plays its role in teaching students about the greatness of this month. Alhamd Arabic Institute also celebrate Ramadan through different activities for their students. Kids are taught about the significance, blessings, and rituals that this month holds in the lives of the Muslims through interesting Ramadan activities for kids.

Hopefully, this blog will help you find some fantastic Ramadan activities for kids that will help them learn and enjoy the month at the same time!
If you know of any other interesting Ramadan activities for toddlers, please comment down below.

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