Best time to read & recite Quran

Imam al-Nawawi (rahimahullah) says, “The best of recitations is that which is done in the prayer, as for what is outside of the prayer then the best is reciting by night – and the last part of the night is better than the first. Recitation between al-Maghrib and al-‘Isha is mustahabb (recommended). As for recitation during the day, then the best thereof is to recite after the morning prayer although there is no dislike in reciting at any time or reciting during the times when nafl prayer (supererogatory) is impermissible.”

Some other beneficial times include the month of Ramadan, especially the last Ashra (last 10 nights), the nights of Witr (odd nights), and also the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah and the day of ‘Arafah.

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